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Wanting to ditch hormonal contraceptives?

Wondering if there is a natural method of birth control?

This is it. But really, it's so much more!

I found this method 12 years ago and it changed everything. No more anxiety about unintentional pregnancy. No more wondering when my period was going to appear. It felt thrilling to have found the kind of natural birth control method I was looking for; no foreign objects, no hormones, no side effects. 

  • The Symptothermal Method is an observation-based practice that involves charting the body's daily fertility signs, including cervical fluid, basal body temperature and changes to the cervix (this third biomarker is optional).

  • Furthermore, users are equipped with a set of guidelines to assist them in making informed decisions on timing of intercourse based on their goals (in this case, contraception)

  • The STM is more commonly known as the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and can be used to effectively prevent pregnancy, optimize your chances for conception and/or gauge your overall health. 

  • One reputable study found that the STM is between 99.4-99.6% effective in preventing pregnancy with perfect use, and is 98.2% effective with typical use. The efficacy rates observed in this study are in major part attributable to the high level of Fertility Awareness education that its participants received.

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