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cYCLE charting

Cycle Charting is all about knowing where you are in your menstrual cycle and using that knowledge to understand yourself better and support yourself as hormone levels change. 


Our cycle is far more than a reproductive function, it is actually a life force cycle. Your hormones affect the way you experience everything, from brain function and metabolism to mood and endurance. 

Cycle Charting is an empowering practice that can be used as early as adolescence, continuing into adulthood and up until menopause.


It fosters self awareness, cultivates self-care and is a long-term tool for gauging overall health.  


Cycle charting can also evolve to support a person's reproductive goals, be it effective pregnancy prevention or conscious conception.

Remember to download Your Cycle Compass, and learn about the dynamic qualities of each phase of your cycle!  PO BOX 8953 Tampa, FL 33674,  United States