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fertility journey

More compassion. Less confusion.


People who menstruate are infertile most of the time. We have what's called a 'fertile window' during each of our cycles. In fact, most pregnancies occur from intercourse that was timed up to three days before ovulation.


Unfortunately conventional medicine does not invest in teaching us the tools that make the greatest impact on our chances for conception. There is so much we can do to naturally support our fertility.


Assisted reproductive technologies definitely have their time and place but it's unfortunate that most conventional doctors are trained to manage a symptom not heal the root cause. Infertility is a symptom not a disease.

Cycle charting enables you to optimize your chances for conception by tracking the physical signs of your fertility. It also provides insight about your overall health and quality of fertility biomarkers.

It is especially helpful to know this as you prepare for pregnancy. There are simple, natural ways to enhance your fertility and prepare for a nourished and supported experience.


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